Denominational Partners

Affiliated Bodies and Organizations Upholding Christian Doctrines

A United Front

Across the vast tapestry of Christian denominations, there exists a shared commitment to foundational beliefs and historical tenets. While traditions and practices may vary, these denominations stand united in upholding core Christian teachings. Their collective mission transcends denominational lines, emphasizing a common goal of faithfulness to the Gospel's enduring truths.

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The Episcopal Fellowship for Renewal

The Episcopal Fellowship for Renewal aims at reforming the Episcopal Church, opposing the idea of retreatism which they believe leads to the Church's falter.

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Young Methodists for Tradition

The Young Methodists for Tradition are dedicated to rejuvenating the traditional Wesleyan spirit within the United Methodist Church. They uphold core Christian beliefs and encourage the youth of the church to stand firm in their faith against secularization.

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Society of Orthodox Lutheran Advocates

The Society of Orthodox Lutheran Advocates (SOLA) is focused on restoring the richness of the Lutheran faith, inviting believers to partake in this mission.

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