Our Mission Statement

Inspired by the Presbyterian Reformers, our mission is to rejuvenate our denomination, championing theological conservatism, biblical fidelity, and orthodox Christian values, while fostering a community dedicated to reclaiming our faith's roots and resisting theological compromise.

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95 Theses for the PCUSA

Christian ministers and the Church must affirm and uphold core Christian doctrines, including the divinity of Christ, the authority of Scripture, and the essentials of the faith, while resisting theological compromise, secular influences, and political alignment. Misleading or diluting the teachings risks God's judgment, and the PCUSA should address these concerns for the preservation and growth of the Church.

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Looking for a good church?

Use this interactive map to discover and connect with churches that cherish and uphold traditional Christian teachings and values in your area.

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About the movement

We are a committed group of Bible-believing Christians within the PCUSA who seek to reclaim our churches from modern deviations and restore them to the historic Christian faith. Driven by the conviction that our religious institutions should reflect God's true glory rather than work against His Kingdom, we are dedicated to realigning church doctrine and practice with traditional Christian teachings.

Save the mainline

Operation Reconquista aims to restore the true faith in Mainline Protestant churches that have drifted from historic Christianity.

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Why It Matters

The PCUSA, and mainline Christianity as such, is dying out. We aim to ameliorate this, in love and service.

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Join the community

We have a thriving Discord community of PCUSA, and broader Mainline, Christians, organized under the common goal of rescuing the Mainline. Join today!

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Our Partners

We have teamed up with every other mainline denomination.

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